Gates of Wisdom (Patent Pending)

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This wrapped necklace is adorned with a crystal quartz pendant and picture jasper accent stones. The harvest color hemp verigates between grey/green color, soft orange and soft yellows. 

Crystal quartz works like a cosmic computer, it stores information and has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds. Clear crystal quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Picture Jasper assists in the transformation of relationships. It attracts like minded people who become loyal and trusted friends, as well as helping to renew old friendships that had been lost. 

When paired with other stones the crystal quartz with magnify the other stones properties. 

Necknotz necklaces have been created with love and dipped in Atlantic Ocean water to soften the eco-friendly hemp. Wearing hemp often will help it relax even more. The hemp is polished in order to enhance the colors and elongate stray fibers while maintaining strand consistency. Length 20" can be requested to cut down in length at no additional charge.