Rocky Road (Patent Pending)

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This simple yet sophisticated stone is adorned by lava stones. The pendant is berricated jasper and is red, grey and khaki colored. Brecciated Jasper is a stone of strength and vitality. It can be used to bring mental clarity and focus to assist us with any challenges. 

When we find that life has lead us down a Rocky Road we can use this stone to harness our inner strength and vitality to pull us through the ups and downs, leaning on our own self to make it through and reap the rewards of self discipline when the roads are not so rough. 

Necknotz necklaces have been created with love and dipped in Atlantic Ocean water to soften the eco-friendly hemp. Wearing hemp often will help it relax even more. The hemp is polished in order to enhance the colors and elongate stray fibers while maintaining strand consistency. Length 19" can be requested to cut down in length at no additional charge