Twinsies (Patent Pending)

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Necknotz version of best friend necklaces! Two necklaces made to complement each other. White Agate and Aventurine. 

White agate is said to  improve concentration and analytical frames of mind, as well as releasing traumas and providing the courage to trust. For proponents of energy work and crystal healing, white agate is believed to be beneficial for mental issues, including everyday challenges such as frustration and anxiety.

Aventurine is said to calm irritation and diffuse negative situations turning them around, allowing one to view a situation from a different perspective. Aventurine instills compassion, aids emotional recovery and enables living within one's own heart. Aventurine encourages leadership qualities and decisiveness.

The pendants are tumbled and polished wrapped in a spiral of silver-plated copper wire. A classic style that works both formal and casual. Sizes, shapes and colors may vary with handcrafted items. 

Dipped in Atlantic ocean waters.