Who Are We

At NeckNotz, our handmade hemp jewelry is all about stories and unique experiences. Our pieces are one of a kind, and their creation is a journey that you get to celebrate and showcase. Created from natural stones and the highest quality hemp, our jewelry is beautiful and resilient; just like you!

As NeckNotz’s lead designer and owner, Lindsey Eitniear started creating handmade jewelry pieces as a hobby during high school. It was a way for her to express herself, and she’d proudly wear these creations that she felt connected to. Naturally, her unique jewelry soon caught the attention it deserved, and she started creating custom designs for others as well.

And so, NeckNotz was born in 2010.

Hemp Is Knot Just For Hippies

Over the years, NeckNotz has evolved into a unique and thriving jewelry business. Lindsey has developed her own signature style that helps her create one-of-a-kind and captivating pieces.

What’s truly unique, though, is the mantra we like to work with here. “Hemp is knot just for hippies.” Our beautiful jewelry created from hemp is for everyone to enjoy. We create designs suitable for play and work. We make sure you can keep your favorite jewelry pieces near you at all times, reminding you of your hopes, dreams, purpose, and everything that makes you YOU!

Our customers can choose from our stunning collection of limited-run handmade hemp necklaces or beautiful and carefully selected bracelets and rings. We also offer custom jewelry commissions and jewelry re-build services to create exclusive pieces that you feel deeply connected to.

Our Builders

NeckNotz exists as much for our builders as it does for our customers. Through our Builders Program, we bring together a team of excellent creators and artisans who find peace and purpose in the work they do.

In many ways, the jewelry they create is as much for them as it is for NeckNotz or our customers. Their projects give them confidence and a connection to something greater than what meets the eye.

The Process

Our pieces are created to tell a story; therefore, each piece’s journey is unique. However, we do have a beautiful process designed to help our builders create jewelry that is exclusively NeckNotz’s.

  1. The journey begins with the earth as we gather hemp fibers, natural stones, and essential oils—time-honored themes that honor the elements of our human make-up.
  1. The next step is to draw inspiration from common desires that we all resonate with, i.e., peace, bravery, redemption, and courage. For custom requests, though, Lindsey relies on the client’s energy and experiences to select stones, colors, and other elements that best tell their story.
  1. Our builders then add their magic touch to the pieces and become a part of those stories too.
  1. The finished hemp jewelry pieces are then hand-dipped in ocean water to relax the fibers and reunite the earth and water elements.
  1. The journey is completed when the jewelry piece makes its way to its rightful owner, the person it was always destined for. And together, they start a new adventure.